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Reel from 2016
More vidios at alan ian wilson Vimio. Please go and see.

Tumblr Blog


Artifacts : : : a-i-wilson-artifacts is a tumblr blog dedicated to concrete art : pottery and mixed media sculpture in glass, clay, wood and metal.

Tumblr Blog


Graphics : : : a-i-wilson-graphics is a tumblr blog for drawings, graphics and sketches.


Media Studies

The Media Studies BLOG covers selections of work for assignments that I did for The New School for Social Engagement Media Studies Graduate Program (TNS).


Old Portal

Old Portal : : : The web site that you are in now is the New Portal. This web site [the New Portal] replaces the Old Portal. The Old Portal was not very responsive and so I had to put it in mothballs. But on a full screen computer it still looks nice. So if you have a full screen (not a mobile device) take a look. It's visually FINE.



a05 : : : This assignment for Media Literacy at TNS was to deconstruct images of "The Suffering of the Distant Other". Rather than write a paper, I took the liberty of building a web-page and a video (I am naughty that way).


Everyday Signals

Everyday Signals is an informal introduction to Semiotic Theory : : : This web-site is an answer to an assignment for Media Theory class at the TNS. The assignment was to write a paper covering some aspect of semiotic theory. Rather than write a paper I opted to build an interactive web-site. I took an informal and conversational approach to semiotic theory illustrating concepts with everyday examples.


Glass Work

Glass Work is a film about the work and the business behind the spectacle of ART. Although the trailer contains spectacular glass blowing footage, the film itself is also about rebuilding a business. Here is a link to the web site : Glass Work Website


Killer Robots

Killer Robots was for a group project for : Digital War: Rhetoric, Risks & Realities at TNS. The assignment was to compile and present a list of Autonomous Killing Machines. I built the graphics and the site. I also had fun building the 3D model of the x 47b.